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Market Research  Registration - Established in 1985 we are a leading Sydney based Market Research Recruitment company. Covering the Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne areas.

We recruit individuals and groups for Focus Groups and Product Tests - this is a way for companies to gain feedback from the community about current and future products/services. Focus Groups are run in an informal setting, they go for about 1.5 hrs & people are paid cash for attending (normally between $70 and $150)

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  • If you would like to be added to our in-house database as available to attend Group Discussions/ Product Testing, please fill out the form below. We will periodically email or phone you to see if you are available.

    The information your supply is treated with the utmost confidentiality & is held (NOT on the web)Recent news reports of data thefts - from Sony/Telstra/Facebook etc. - has shown internet storage to be very un-safe. Your data is much SAFER not on-the-web! So unlike the majority of Australian market research recruiters, WE protect & keep your data 'OFF the WEB' but in-house, in a physically secure & access limited (via thumb-print) environment. Your information will only be seen & used by us and only for market research recruiting purposes. ..more

     Shop 10, 10 Carillion Ave., Newtown 2042.     Ph: 02 9212 0598

    Please answer as many questions as possible, the more information you can give us the easier it is for us to match you to specific research projects.    

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